Covid19 Routine Testing Area Sign

Covid19 Routine Testing Area Sign

Ecoflexlite is the compact, lightweight, light-price pavement sign, featuring our unique patented wedge.

Why choose Ecoflexlite?
  • Quick and easy to assemble – no tools required
  • Strength and security – unique wedge locks panel into the base
  • Low centre of gravity for optimum stability
  • Low profile – minimal obstruction to pedestrians and Children
  • Ideal for vinyl or printed graphics
  • Round corners and no sharp edges
  • 410 × 795mm panel with 410 × 763mm display area


We won't print before asking! If you have requested any artwork customisation, we will contact you for design approval before printing.
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Safety Warning

We have spotted other sign companies using a cheaper “composite aluminium” for their school signs, we disagree with this practice due to the safety of the materials.

Composite aluminium is made up of a layer of composite plastic sandwiched between two thin aluminium sheets. The danger to school children is that the aluminium is sharp on the edges.

composite aluminium

We always put safety first when recommend material for school signs. We use solid aluminium for our school signs, and we also round any sharp corners for safety. Solid aluminium also ensures a longer lasting sign.

solid aluminium for school signs