Police Officer Fence, Gate or Wall Mounted Parking Sign

Kiddie Cutout Sign for mounting on a wall, fence or gate

Popular messages  to choose from include:
“Slow Down”
“Think Before you Park” (our best seller!)
“No Parking”
“Caution – Think Before you Park”
“Please do not park here”
“Don’t park on the Zig Zags”

…or feel free to choose your own!  

Approximate size: 915mm × 615mm

Once an order is placed our design team will contact for your customisations and design requirements including school uniform colours. We can customise the text, logos or and designs to suit your school. We will send proposed designs to your email address for approval before creating your signs.

Fence or Gate Fixings

To fit to a gate or fence, choose channel fixing rail. Please see the photo below.

gate fence fixing plate

This product is listed in: Kiddie Road Safety Signs, Pavement Signs, Playground.
Fitting Requirements Clear

From: £110.00

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Select the style(s) you would like to include, we will contact you to confirm before printing.

Please tell us your uniform colours – For example, colour of jumper and trousers. If you would like to specify any customisation such as hair colour, skin colour or any other changes, please tell us here.

We only use quality materials

Our signs are made from lightweight solid aluminium.

Find out why we don’t recommend composite aluminium.

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Safety Warning

We have spotted other sign companies using a cheaper “composite aluminium” for their school signs, we disagree with this practice due to the safety of the materials.

Composite aluminium is made up of a layer of composite plastic sandwiched between two thin aluminium sheets. The danger to school children is that the aluminium is sharp on the edges.

composite aluminium

We always put safety first when recommend material for school signs. We use solid aluminium for our school signs, and we also round any sharp corners for safety. Solid aluminium also ensures a longer lasting sign.

solid aluminium for school signs