Free Standing Lollipop Sign

Our freestanding lollipop signs (also called Bus Stop signs) consist of a 450mm diameter solid aluminium circular sign panel which mounts onto a 32mm Solid Silver Aluminium 1000mm Post (Not cheap plastic which other suppliers sell).

We only use solid aluminium and the best quality materials for our signs, whereas we have seen other sign companies cutting corners and using cheaper materials such as composite aluminium. We also test all our signs in schools for durability and quality.

  • 2 x stainless steel post fixing clips and bolts
  • 1 x 450 x 450mm White square heavy duty polypropylene 20L base (Capacity when filled with either Water / Sand) = approx 22kg (useful carrying handle for easy transportation and portability)
  • Perfect for either indoor or outdoor use
  • The sign panel is printed in full colour graphics single sided, with a clear Anti-Graffiti protective face film fitted as standard.

We will email you with proposed layouts before manufacture for your approval.

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Safety Warning

We have spotted other sign companies using a cheaper “composite aluminium” for their school signs, we disagree with this practice due to the safety of the materials.

Composite aluminium is made up of a layer of composite plastic sandwiched between two thin aluminium sheets. The danger to school children is that the aluminium is sharp on the edges.

composite aluminium

We always put safety first when recommend material for school signs. We use solid aluminium for our school signs, and we also round any sharp corners for safety. Solid aluminium also ensures a longer lasting sign.

solid aluminium for school signs