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    Freestanding Wipe Boards Practical Drywipe Foyer Noticeboards £166.95 Drywipe Foyer Noticeboards Practical free standing drywipe noticeboard A drywipe whiteboard, mounted portrait on an angled simple stand, ideal for displaying hand written information in foyer and reception areas. White powder coated stand, with mounted 900 x 600mm whiteboard with a finished height of 1800mm. Made in the UK.
    Freestanding Wipe Boards Write-angle revolving whiteboards From: £257.62

    Write-angle revolving whiteboards

    Versatile mobile whiteboard with dual action pivoting board

    Enables both sides of the board to be used and angled towards your audience. Can be fixed during assembly to pivot either vertically or horizontally to suit your requirement. Available with drywipe steel surfaces to accept magnets or laminate surfaces, one plain and the reverse with a feint grid. Locking castors. Made in the UK

    Freestanding Wipe Boards Drywipe foyer noticeboard From: £197.66

    Drywipe foyer noticeboard

    Deluxe framed whiteboard on a contemporary heavy duty stand.

    This freestanding whiteboard has an adjustable bracket to enable the board to be mounted perpendicular or up to 45° angle. Board can be mounted landscape or portrait. Made in the UK.

    Made to order, please allow 10-15 working days for delivery.

    Freestanding Wipe Boards Write on revolving whiteboards From: £207.90

    Write on revolving whiteboards Double sided whiteboard that can pivot on its horizontal axis

    Enables both sides to be used, or the surface angled towards the audience. Available with coated steel writing surface that has the advantage of accepting magnets, or non-magnetic surface that is one side plain, one side gridded. Sturdy steel frame has four castors two of which are locking. Steel cross bars aid rigidity and house the supplied pen tray. Optional flip pad clips. Made in the UK.

    Freestanding Wipe Boards Showline Freestanding Whiteboards From: £297.41 Showline Freestanding Whiteboards Lockable deluxe noticeboard with lift off lockable cover Range of free standing noticeboards, with simple lift off lockable cover, protecting your notice from casual interference. A choice of stand height is available to suit the application and noticeboard. The 1.8m stand for larger, higher and upright boards. The 1m stand versions with adjustable bracket can be mounted vertically or at a 45° angle, perfect for menu-board applications. Available in five frame colour options, complimented with a choice of twelve cloth options.
    Freestanding Wipe Boards Junior mobile tilting whiteboards From: £172.46 Junior mobile tilting whiteboards Practical floor standing mobile junior whiteboard with integral pen tray Double side whiteboard mounted on a mobile frame.Board can pivot and lock at a 40° angle, therefore ideal for resting books or artwork on the full width ledge. 4 castors, 2 locking. Overall height 130mm. 2 models, both surfaces accept magnets. White frame White coated steel stand with 2 plain aluminium framed whiteboard surfaces Red frame Red coated steel stand with multi-coloured framed whiteboard that has a 50 x 50mm grid on one side and horizontal lines on the reverse. Product designed to be used in a supervised environment
    Freestanding Wipe Boards Double sided freestanding wipe boards different shapes From: £156.71

    Double sided freestanding wipe boards different shapes

    Magnetic double sided drywipe signs.

    A range of double sided signs available in three useful shapes - rectangular, octagonal and directional arrow. The Arrow sign angles and locks in chosen position, Whiteboard surface accepts magnets and is designed for use with drywipe markers. Robust plastic frame, pole and circular base which can be filled with water or sand for extra stability. COMES COMPLETE WITH A SET OFF 4 DRY WIPE PENS

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